Don’t Forget to Vote

If you consider yourself a “progressive” and you want to know who other progressives are endorsing, here are a couple of handy web pages if you live in Bellingham or Whatcom County, WashingtonRemember to return ballots by November 6th.

Eerie Elections: Procrastinator’s Guide to Election 2012

by Tim Johnson, Cascadia Weekly

Your ballot arrived. But you did not immediately fill it out and cast it back into the mail. Something’s holding you back.

It’s a big ballot, with big issues that are hugely important to the nation and the region. Perhaps our brief guide can assist you with casting your ballot.

Barack Obama (D), President

Our support for this man is full-throated and unequivocal. He took office in one of the most challenging periods of the past 50 years, with two wars abroad and the nation in catastrophic financial collapse. More, Republicans vowed to obstruct him at every opportunity as their means to reseize the White House.

He stopped the freefall collapse of the economy he inherited. Pressed for a national health care program championed by conservatives just a few years earlier, an achievement that had eluded a dozen Administrations. Ended our engagement in Iraq on schedule. Directed the end of discrimination in the military. Supported the DREAM Act. Restored America’s prestige abroad.

He has more to do.

Do not underestimate the power of the presidential veto to override an increasingly radical Congress bent on transforming this country into something unrecognizable. Do not undrestimate his authority to appoint the next justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Elect this man.

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Fuse Washington “Progressive Voters Guide”

The election has huge implications for our families, our communities, and our state. Our goal is to make smart, informed voting based on progressive values easier for you. We worked with Washington’s leading progressive organizations to produce a Progressive Voters Guide—your ticket to highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot.

The Progressive Voters Guide identifies the candidates with the most progressive track records and the ballot measure positions that will protect or promote progress in Washington.

Vote in every race on your ballot! It’s our right and our responsibility, and they all impact our families and future in important ways. Please forward this guide to your friends and family, return your ballot by Tuesday, November 6th.

Whatcom County 40th Legislative District

Whatcom County 42nd Legistlative District

Elsewhere in Washington State:


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