2013 NW Permaculture Convergence

B Street Permaculture Project

B Street Permaculture Project

Passing on info from our good friend Jan Spencer in Eugene, Oregon…


The 2013 NW Permaculture Convergence is taking shape for August 2, 3, 4 at Pacific University in Forest Grove, just west of Portland.

The Convergence is a great coming together of social and economic pioneers.

Its a unique opportunity to network and share what we are doing for creating a much more green and local culture and economy.

There is still room for more presentations and hands on.

Presentations are in the class room, often with power point.

Hands on is outside, participatory, often with a project, installation or  fabrication.

Pacific University has great facilities for both classroom presentations – audio visua in each room.

B Street where there are gardens, tellies, rain water catchment and a host of other examples of permaculture design and approaches. This is where the hands on will be.

Topics and skills that would be particularly important –

Hands on –  energy such as solar and bio gas, rain water catchment, food storage, green building, hugelkultur, grey water, composting

Presentations – economics, taking permaculture into the mainstream, communities of faith going green, city/neighborhood/citizen partnerships, green business, greening neighborhoods, place making, reclaiming automobile space, permaculture and education,,,,

We are particularly interested in how to, practical information.

Presenters and hands on practitioners are eligible for free admission the day they present.

Please E mail for more information about presenting  —–  presenters@northwestpermaculture.org

more convergence information – http://nwpcabout.blogspot.com/

Please forward this e mail to friends and colleagues.


One comment on “2013 NW Permaculture Convergence

  1. Many Rivers Permaculture says:

    A couple more years and then I’ll have some good research to present with you folks. Keep up the good!

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