The Global Heart Awakens – Act Now

In 2007 I read Anodea Judith‘s Waking The Global Heart with great interest. I found it a wonderful parallel to David Korten‘s The Great Turning, but with more emphasis on the feminine, the spiritual, and the mythological aspects.
An excellent book that should have received as much attention as Korten’s.  That’s why I’m so personally excited today by the launch of a new edition: The Global Heart Awakens, published by the Shift network.
What follows is a press release. Do check it out.
Every once in a long while, a book comes along that activates a power that is far greater than words on a page.  It gives voice to our moment in history and fuels a movement.

Today is the launch of  The Global Heart Awakens, with a special campaign TODAY only (7/16/2013). Hundreds of thought leaders are offering empowering gifts to turn it into a bestseller and give it the wide readership it deserves.

You can read more here:

Like no other book this year, it speaks into the heart of our times: our history, our current crises and the incredible opportunity to ignite a shift to a new operating system based on love.

We have no time to waste in mobilizing ourselves to address our planetary problems and begin creating the world we all know is possible. None of us can do it alone.

In fact, the new era will only emerge from massive efforts at cooperation and collaboration both locally and globally – all based on the power of love.
Have you truly opened your heart and transformed your life in preparation for the vast  changes ahead?  Do you really understand the big picture Shift and how to connect it with the thousands of little shifts in your life?

The Global Heart Awakens, by international bestselling author Anodea Judith (who has sold more than a million previous books and DVDs), gives us all a profound map for participating in this great awakening.

Step by step, Anodea shows us how to become a love-powered evolutionary in service to a new era of compassion, justice, and abundance. In the process, you will learn why becoming part of this vast movement provides deep and lasting fulfillment in your life.

So please join me today in purchasing your copy during the global launch of The Global Heart Awakens and you’ll receive powerful e-gifts from wayshowers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrew Harvey, James O’Dea, Lion Goodman and many others.

Let’s unite the forces of change who are building a sustainable global civilization and propel this book into the vast readership it deserves!

Click here, TODAY ONLY, to get your gifts

P.S.  Here’s more about The Global Heart Awakens from the publisher, Shift Books

“We are moving from a chain of command to a web of connection, from competition to collaboration, from markets to networks and stockholders to stakeholders, and greed to green.”
– Anodea Judith
The Global Heart Awakens puts forth a bold prophetic vision – indeed, a new myth for our time. Digging into the distant past, and ranging far ahead into our promising future, bestselling author Anodea Judith explains how and why we are undergoing a profound global initiation. This collective rite of passage, she shows, will unravel our world system based on the love of power and deliver us to one based on the power of love.

Here’s what thought leaders are saying:

“Open this book and you will find a great heart guiding you.”
– James O’Dea, excerpted from Foreword

“Masterfully exposes the mythic underpinnings of the human crises and awakens our imagination to the possibilities now at hand.”
– David Korten, author of The Great Turning
“A powerful guide through the violence and brilliance of the past up to the present and beyond – a beautiful piece of work.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

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