Awakening to Vitality: An Intimate Nine Month Community Experience

As I am busily preparing to host the PatternDynamics One Day Workshop on January 26th, which I wrote about in my last post, I want to take a timeout here to let you know about another valuable offering.  Awakening to Vitality, like PatternDynamics, is an integrally informed  program that really resonates with me, and I heartily endorse it.

Dr. Deb is a dear friend and colleague of mine, a Naturopathic Physician, Transformative Educator, and Visionary Guide — and founder of Vital Medicine: a truly unique approach to health and healing.

If you’ve ever longed to …

  • Integrate your spiritual practice and your embodiment
  • Create a new, thriving relationship with your Self and your Vitality
  • Recognize the call of your inner, embodied wisdom … and learn to follow it.
  • Release models of self-care and healing that no longer serve you.
  • Enjoy focused, One-on-One mentoring on your health (and everything that means!)
  • Take time to reconnect, reflect, and restore in a spectacular natural retreat setting
  • Experience rich, interactive group work with an intimate group of kindred seekers
  • Heal your Self as you heal the planet.
  • Devote yourself to your vitality … even as you grow and evolve.
… then this unique program might be perfect for you.

Dr. Deb Zucker, ND, LMP

Dr. Deb Zucker, ND, LMP

Awakening to Vitality
An Intimate, Nine Month Community Experience
Guided by Deb Zucker, ND, LMP
February – November, 2014

Vital Medicine recognizes that “health” is about far more than nutrition and exercise: it’s about your sacred relationship to your Self, your world, and your calling.  Dr. Deb’s approach transforms your very relationship to healing.  It connects you with your own inner wisdom and supports greater intimacy with your body, your evolutionary journey, and all that you are.

Awakening to Vitality Dr. Deb’s new, 9-month program that weaves together everything you need to awaken more fully to yourself and create profound transformation on every level.

This program is limited to 10 participants — and will likely only be offered once a year.
If this sounds like something you are SO ready for … or if you’re just curious about what this whole approach includes,  visit the program page:

Full disclosure: If you register, and mention you heard about it from Integral Permaculture, I will receive a commission. Please let Dr. Deb know you how you found out about her offering.

P. S.  New to the Vital Medicine approach?  Make sure to check out the program page, where you’ll find a generous sampling of free resources to support your relationship with your Self and your health. It’s all right here.  Enjoy!
And to get an additional sense of what Dr. Deb’s outlook on things is about, check out her essay posted at Beams and Struts: Pointing to the Moon.

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