David Holmgren Responds to “Crash on Demand” Discussion

I’m looking forward to hearing David Holmgren in his own words on this radio interview on Sunday, Feb. 2nd.  He’ll be answering  some of the questions raised in the recent debate on his essay “Crash on Demand.“ 8pm London time, I believe that’s Noon PMT, where I am in Northwest Washington.

Here’s what was posted on Holmgren’s site. I love the radio image, which underscores Holmgren’s adage “When using high technology, avoid using state of the art equipment”:

radio_barmaya-300x203The other day David Holmgren was interviewed by Steffen Geyer from the radio show, “21st Century Permaculture” answering  some of the questions raised by the fellow travellers in the recent debate on his essay “Crash on Demand“.

The interview is scheduled to go to air on Shoreditch community radio in London this Sunday [Feb. 2, 2014] at 8pm. If you are not in London, you can listen to it via the station’s website. We will be getting up early at 7am Feb 3 Monday morning (AEDT zone) to listen to the program, no doubt.

If you are in any other time zone,  convert your local time and tune in. [12:00pm, PST in Seattle]

Facebook event page of the radio show.

One comment on “David Holmgren Responds to “Crash on Demand” Discussion

  1. rick says:

    Adding further to the on going discussions on his essay “Crash on Demand”, David Holmgren appears in the Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith. Also appears on the same program is Nicole Foss from the Automatic Earth (who had written Crash on Demand? A Response to David Holmgren). The dynamic duo explains some of the controversial points raised in the debate (including ”The best way to address climate change is not to talk about it”).

    The show can be heard on 76 stations all around the world including CFRO in Vancouver ( Friday at 1 pm), WPFW in Washington D.C. (Monday 1 pm), Resonance in London (Tuesday Noon), KNEW 960 in San Francisco (Sunday 10:30 pm), PRN in New York (Saturday 10 am), 3CR in Melbourne (Sunday 6 am), 4ZZZ in Brisbane, NIM-FM in Nimbin and so on. Check the syndication station list for your local area.

    For those living outside the radio broadcast zones or those who missed the broadcast, the entire program is available for download at

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