Join Me at Integral Theory Conference 2015

Registration for the Integral Theory Conference closes July 8th.  I’d love to see you there! The theme of the conference is “Integral Impacts: Using Integrative Metatheories to Catalyze Effective Change.”
I’m looking forward to hearing Karen O’Brien present about Climate Change and Transformation to Sustainability; Bill Torbert talk about The Kinds of Inquiry, Power, and Love Required…; and Eliza Maalauf on Integral Design in the Midst of Chaos…
I’m also looking forward to Ed Sarath talk about Integral Jazz; Nick Hedlund De Witt on an integral realist approach to climate change; Sean Esbjorn-Hargens and Zak Stein discussing whether Integral needs to drop spirituality to have a mainstream impact.  It will be hard to choose between some of the “Pioneers” presentations to attend: Don Beck, Terri O’Fallon, Bruce Alderman, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Gail Hochachka, Terry Patten, Zak Stein, Steve McIntosh, Bonnitta Roy, etc. 
I’m also hoping at least a few people attend my talk on Patterns for Navigating the Transition to a World in Energy Descent
This paper will consider current concerns about resource depletion (“energy descent”) and the unsustainability of current economic structures, which may indicate we are entering a new era signaled by the end of growth. Using the systems thinking tool of PatternDynamics™, developed by Tim Winton, this paper seeks to integrate multiple natural patterns in order to effectively impact these pressing challenges. Some of the Patterns considered include Energy, Transformity, Power, Pulse, Growth, and the polarities of Expansion/Contraction and Order/Chaos.
We tend to have horrible visions associated with downturns and “collapse.” Can we even entertain the possibility that we might be entering a period of decline in energy and standard of living?  Can we re-examine our assumptions about “growth” and “development”? Jean Gebser’s emphasis that every mutation of structure is preceded by a crisis will be considered, and Howard T. Odum’s ideas about energy as the basis of man and nature will inform the discussion. Edgar Morin’s dialogic Method of active inquiry in regards to the interplay of polarities assists in our understanding and response to the complex challenges we face.
You can download my paper here.
Here is the basic info about ITC 2015:
ITC 2015 will be held July 16-19 on the beautiful campus of Sonoma State University in the heart of California Wine Country. Come experience the world’s largest academic, professional, and artistic conference devoted to Integral Theory and its application.
EARLY BIRDS. For you there’s:

7:00AM – yoga and meditation practices (daily)

7:30AM – a groundbreaking art exhibition, In the Spirit of Wholeness: Integral Art and its Enchantment Aesthetic, curated by Michael Schwartz (daily; open all day)

8:30AM – a special event with Ken Wilber (Sunday)

9:00AM – keynote presentations by Karen O’Brien (Friday), Bill Torbert (Saturday), and Elza Maalouf (Sunday)

NIGHT OWLS. For you there’s:
Talented artists and cultural performers taking you on a journey every night.

8:30PMMETAPHORPHOSIS, embodied poetics and integral slam with six award-winning poets and spoken word artists, followed by a DJ Dance Party (Thursday)

7:30PMWRESTLING JERUSALEM, a solo performance and riveting display of integral consciousness and artistry in action (Friday)

7:30PMDEEPER THAN DAY, live music, theater, and dance with the brilliant musician Butterscotch headlining (Saturday)

Click here or the poster for details!

DAYDREAMERS. For you there’s:

11:30AM and 3:45PM – two full blocks of presentations by Integral Pioneers (Saturday & Sunday)

12:30PM – Pop-Up Playground Lunches organized by Marilyn Hamilton’s Integral City team (daily)

2:00PM – hot-topic panel discussions (Friday & Saturday)

The Mission of the Integral Theory Conference

  • To be the world’s premier conference dedicated to Integral Theory and its application in both academic and professional contexts.
  • To facilitate the theoretical development of Integral Theory by drawing on the most sophisticated integrative meta-theories and transdisciplinary scholarship currently available.
  • To provide a forum in which metadisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholars and practitioners can present research findings and best practices in an atmosphere of engaged, critical discourse with others of similar qualifications and interests.
  • To encourage robust production of professional and academic literature, provide networking opportunities, and enable collaborative project-creation among integral scholars and professionals.
  • To bring the quality of scholarship in metadisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies to a level fully on par with the standards of excellence expected by the mainstream academy, while simultaneously generating increased openness to multiperspectival approaches to the study of human society and its environment.
  • To foster a non-parochial, global academic community that is open to multiple frameworks and methodologies that would seek to engage issues of complexity and epistemological integration.
  • To offer students of Integral Theory, graduate students, and practitioners access to the world’s leaders in the field.
  • To explore the historical antecedents and cultural influences that have contributed to the creation of Integral Theory; these currently suggest that Integral Theory is the most recent expression of a mode of integrative thought and praxis that extends back to at least the mid-eighteenth century.

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  1. I can’t make it. I wish I knew about this conference earlier.

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