David MacLeod
I live in Washington state and consider myself a social permaculturist (exploring “invisible structures”), and am involved with the Transition Initiative movement as a co-initiator of Transition WhatcomTransition Training in 2008 from the original UK Trainers Sophy Banks and Naresh Giangrande, and Permaculture Design Certificate earned at Inspiration Farm (where I lived for about a year and a half), 2009.  Introduction to Integral and Integral Sustainability from Alan Seid, of Cascadia Workshops. I have a particular interest in what I call Integral Permaculture, as well as PatternDynamics (TM) (informed by both Integral theory and Permaculture). In January of 2014 I became the first person in the PatternDynamics Community of Practice to receive Level II (b) Accreditation, certifying me as a facilitator of the PatternDynamics workshop.

I am also known to be a “peak oil activist,” and am an occasional contributor to Resilience.org (formerly Energy Bulletin), and have been a panelist at Seattle’s Green Fest.  In 2009 I was named an “Environmental Hero” by RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.  I initiated and served on a local city and county appointed Energy Resource Scarcity/Peak Oil Task Force, and I facilitate a “Beyond Sustainability” class at Whatcom Folk School using David Holmgren’s Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles Teaching Kit.  Finally (I just remembered), I compiled (with help from others) the compendium of Sustainability articles called The Sustainability Documentation Project for Sustainable Bellingham.

In my workplace I have helped initiate involvement with the Community Energy Challenge, prodded involvement with a Workplace CSA program, and overseen our Toward Zero Waste program to get us recycling a majority of our solid waste.

6 comments on “About

  1. GREAT blog, thankyou!!! Do you know about http://www.PermaCultureScience.org? An initiative of NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy, based in Spain but working internationally, we now only teach Integral Permaculture. Would love to join up forces!! Please email us: nodoespiral@nodoespiral.net

  2. davidm58 says:

    Hello Stella, thank you for the kind words, and welcome to my blog. Yes, I am familiar with the great work you’re doing over at Permaculture Science – you’re already in my “blogroll” over on the right side of the page.

    I was involved in a study group with Monica S. where we viewed together some of your “People Care” material. In your honor my next blog post will feature your material.

  3. Kath says:

    Hi David, Gel just told me about your blog and sent me the link in an email after she learned about my intellectual interests from my last post. I’m so happy she did and am very much looking forward to diving into your blog! 🙂

  4. ozob says:

    Transition is an important part of the picture, I wish you the best of success with it. We have too much colonization where I live to make it viable, yet (ref. Keith Farnish’s Tools of Disconnection here: http://howtosavetheworld.ca/2009/09/23/making-the-change-how-to-dismantle-industrial-civilization/)

    You might also be interested in another initative we’re doing locally which fits your definition of “social permaculture” at http://resilienceaction.org/2013/07/16/creating-resilient-communities-with-permaculture/

    Again, we currently lack the people power, but this is a problem with groups across the board. I know of few transformative projects that are not starving for people.

  5. Hi David, Thanks for making all this available. I was assigned with the task of teaching Chapter’s 14 content in a PDC for the first time. Could, please, you point me towards any material that would make this ‘lecture’ more interesting and easier to grasp? That would be much appreciated!
    All the best!

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