What Is Integral Permaculture?

Integral Permaculture has been called “the design science of emergent evolution”

Integral Permaculture is intended to include the best qualities of environmentalism, sustainability, and resilience building within the context of both Permaculture Principles and integral philosphy and thought. We also want to transcend and mitigate the problems associated with many approaches to environmental activism, and to include aspects and perspectives often ignored, such as inner transition/transformation associated with heart&soul/psychology/spirituality. We want to make systems thinking meaningful culturally, and we want to see visible, tangible actions in the real world.

You might say our motto is to “Transition and Include.”

This page is under construction. Much more to come…

One comment on “What Is Integral Permaculture?

  1. Donna Emsel Schill says:

    I appreciated your timely response to our presidential election and discovering a helpful word/concept for our time:

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