Post #1

Welcome to Integral Permaculture, where I will share my ideas regarding the integration of Integral Theory with the principles of Permaculture – specifically the Permaculture principles articulated by David Holmgren, as well as the application to culture and community as manifested through the Transition Initiative Movement.

Let’s not start at the beginning…instead let’s just jump in and get our feet wet.

  1. Check out a post that’s getting a lot of buzz in the integral world just now:  Occupy Integral:  a cry cry to bring a more socially and politically active form of integral to birth   by Terry Patten and Marco Morelli. I’m telling my Integral friends this is a “must read” at the very cool website “Beams and Struts: A Magazine for Hungry Brains and Thirsty Souls.”
  2. See the recent David Holmgren video interview at GroAction. “The upcoming transition away from fossil fuels: David Holmgren talks strategy.”  About the idea of revolution versus reform, Holmgren writes, “…The sort of world we’re trying to construct, I think it’s actually impossible to construct that top-down. It has to actually be rebuilt bottom up, in parallel with the crumbling system. And then as those models become more real, it’s possible to get some degree of top-down reform/support for those things. But if they don’t actually exist, if we don’t have the working, living solutions, then it’s very hard for policymakers to say “Yes, we’ll have more of that, and less of that.” They can’t actually create the things we need. The things we need are all very small, localized, particular, and large scale systems just can’t do that.”
    Watch the video below or download the transcript here.
  3. Watch this not so recent Rob Hopkins Ted Talk from 2009.